The Babysitters Club

here I am

at the stove top making

mac & cheese. Chicken nuggets

are in the microwave for the other

hungry three. My shirt is stained

with baby drool, my hair? What a mess.

Camryn loves playing dress-up &

has now tried on her third

princess dress. The toddler

pooped his pants

even after I took him to the potty.

Can my day be over now? But the kids,

really, they aren’t being naughty.

The neighborhood is over making ruckus

all through the house. Keeping track of all of them

clearly is not the simplest – sometimes I feel it’d

be easier with my spouse. “Underdoggie” is their

favorite – we play for hours in the heat.

Sand in their shoes and sweat on their sleeves,

finally! we go inside. A glass of kool-aid, please?
Nap time means reading stories. I love to

cuddle them close. They come to me for

comfort and I kiss away their tears. They

proudly show their work to me, I give

the loudest cheers! Austin practices

his first grade math. I laugh when I

help him, still using my fingers

to see what number comes next.

My “office” is a room full of brightly colored toys,

games, puzzles, and crayons. I don’t drive

a fancy Yukon, but I carpool too & fro.

I’m not their mother, but I care

for kids each day. I’m not their mother

but I’ll nurture them, I’ll

keep them safe.

I love to pamper, soothe, and calm

and rock a fussy child.

I’ll try to correct the one that is too wild.

There is no job more important than such –

holding the smallest of learning hands.

It’s true: this job is the hardest and you

don’t get a whole lot of praise

but when one small child says,
“I love you,” it reminds of

how this job pays.

Someday the time will come,

when I’ll wonder how you got so suddenly old

I’ll remember reading fairy tales

giving you sugary breakfast cereals

and letting you sleep in my arms.

Each child I’ve cared for

is forever in my heart.


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