Why I Quit My Day Job to be a Nanny

Today I’m going to share a huge portion of my life — being a nanny. To be honest, I’m totally shocked I haven’t once blogged about this before! When I am asked what I do by new people I meet, I avoid the question because sometimes I feel embarrassed that it’s not a “career” job which most college graduates attain, say…. a nurse, a teacher, a hairstylist, or even an author. It’s plain, old, just a nanny. But little did I know, this “job” would soon become one of the best decisions in my life and I’d fall in love with every part of it. Being a nanny is so much more than just turning on the TV and ignoring the kids. I have changed more diapers than most adults my age who don’t have children. I’ve dealt with level 10 tantrums, sibling wars, nonstop whining and tattle telling. I have cooked hundreds of meals and fed hungry stomachs. I have folded mountains of laundry. I have prepared bottles and snacks. I have played the role of “Taxi Mom” to soccer practice, baseball games, piano lessons, and late night’s at friend’s houses. I have helped with homework and school