How to Love 13.1 Miles of Running

I have had a handful of friends reach out to me asking how I train for half marathons, so if you’re one of those who are wondering, I have good news for you: I am a runner not because I run fast, and not because I run far. I am a runner because I run. You must know this first before I go on with any more of my running advice. Running is a dreadful, awful thing (so some think), but for me it is a rewarding, amazing sport. I have learned to love it, let alone I have learned that I can not live without it. It isn’t about the times, the number of miles, or the most expensive shoes. It’s about you; pushing yourself, your mentality, your limits of what you think you can do. Whether you are prepping for your first half marathon or your 15th, make the most of your 13.1-mile experience — from sign-up to finish line — with these ways I’ve learned to love it. 1. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop. I haven’t always been able to run a six minute mile. At one point, an