It’ll Be Tough to Say Goodbye to You, 2017

Just this year, I launched my blog and spent many weeks traveling to Puerto Rico, New York, Portland, San Diego, St. George, and Michigan. I moved 3 times, welcomed 2 baby nieces, ran 3 half marathons, and watched my husband earn his Master’s degree. But every December I find myself wondering how the new year could possibly be any more exciting?! I thought that in 2015 when I got married, and again in 2016 when I graduated college. These accomplishments were hard to put behind me because I was scared of not knowing what was next. The one thing I do know about the future though is this: typically, our worst fears rarely come true. Most of us worry ourselves over things that are most likely never going to happen, and if they do, we learn how to survive them. In 2009, I survived a life-threatening battle with Anorexia Nervosa. In 2010, I survived being grounded from running my car into a mail box and asking a boy to the Sweethearts dance. In 2011, I survived a knee injury that placed me out of my dance team’s Winter Showcase. In 2012, I survived my first year of college (although, **DISCLAIMER**

How Shopping At Target Taught Me Compassion Today

I tucked Tessa and Navy into their beds, kissed them good night, and closed the door behind me. I watched Aaron across the hall as he gently laid blankets across Lewis’s small 3 year old body and we met at the top of the stairs, greeting each other with a high-five. “Nice job! We had another great day,” I said. “Yeah,” he smiled. “They are great kids.” It was our fourth night babysitting the Stringham family but the first in a long time that I’d be on my knees at all hours of the night praying for a miracle. … The commotion of Sports Center buzzed through my ears as I slowly peeked open my eyes. I could feel that something was wrong. Aaron lay next to me wide awake with the remote firm in his grip. The clock on the night stand read 12:03 A.M. I leaned off the edge of the bed and unplugged my phone, swiped the unlock screen, and was frightened by the little number 4 on my messaging icon. Four unread messages. Something is wrong.  “Hey Marlee.” Whitney wrote. “Did you see the text about Krystal?” My stomach immediately flipped. I pressed the back button,

Marriage Blesses You With Your Best Friends: 4 Traditions To Keep Them Close

There are many perks to marriage but one I’ve loved the most is the inheritance of new friends. When Aaron and I first met, he quickly introduced me to his best friends, most of which he’d had since he was a waddling toddler. I was amazed how a group of people could stick together as long as they had through all transitions of life, but even more so I was impressed with the mixture of their friendship: some were married newlyweds, some were married with kids, others engaged, a few dating, and… we’ll call him a  “single professional” (yes, Zach, I’m talking about you! 😉 ) I grew to love them and trust them all while I was falling head over heels for Aaron. Since I’ve inherited Aaron’s circle of friends, I’ve learned they played significant roles in sustaining Aaron in his happiness, his faith, and his struggles. As for my own friends, they did the same for me. Our friends made our individual lives remarkable and our relationship a reality. We celebrated with each of them on our wedding day and I experienced a heightened sense of appreciation for them. We literally wouldn’t have been where we were