It’ll Be Tough to Say Goodbye to You, 2017

Just this year, I launched my blog and spent many weeks traveling to Puerto Rico, New York, Portland, San Diego, St. George, and Michigan. I moved 3 times, welcomed 2 baby nieces, ran 3 half marathons, and watched my husband earn his Master’s degree. But every December I find myself wondering how the new year could possibly be any more exciting?! I thought that in 2015 when I got married, and again in 2016 when I graduated college. These accomplishments were hard to put behind me because I was scared of not knowing what was next. The one thing I do know about the future though is this: typically, our worst fears rarely come true. Most of us worry ourselves over things that are most likely never going to happen, and if they do, we learn how to survive them. In 2009, I survived a life-threatening battle with Anorexia Nervosa. In 2010, I survived being grounded from running my car into a mail box and asking a boy to the Sweethearts dance. In 2011, I survived a knee injury that placed me out of my dance team’s Winter Showcase. In 2012, I survived my first year of college (although, **DISCLAIMER**

The Babysitters Club

here I am at the stove top making mac & cheese. Chicken nuggets are in the microwave for the other hungry three. My shirt is stained with baby drool, my hair? What a mess. Camryn loves playing dress-up & has now tried on her third princess dress. The toddler pooped his pants even after I took him to the potty. Can my day be over now? But the kids, really, they aren’t being naughty. The neighborhood is over making ruckus all through the house. Keeping track of all of them clearly is not the simplest – sometimes I feel it’d be easier with my spouse. “Underdoggie” is their favorite – we play for hours in the heat. Sand in their shoes and sweat on their sleeves, finally! we go inside. A glass of kool-aid, please? Nap time means reading stories. I love to cuddle them close. They come to me for comfort and I kiss away their tears. They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers! Austin practices his first grade math. I laugh when I help him, still using my fingers to see what number comes next. My “office” is a room full of brightly