We Have Big News! (No, not baby news. I’m sorry, mom)

Aaron gave me a mother’s day card last Sunday (I’m not a mother yet — he’s just super thoughtful) but the greeting AND his own written message was entirely in Spanish! You’re probably wondering why he did that. It’s partly because he thinks he’s funny but let’s just say he’s taking all the opportunities he can to teach me how to speak, read, and understand Spanish because…. THE BENNETT’S ARE MOVING TO PERU!!! Yes, yes. It’s true. It’s okay to still be in shock because I am too.   If you’re interested to know how this happened, here’s the low down. Aaron was offered a full-time job with KPMG after he graduates with his Master’s degree this December of 2017. BUT, his start date isn’t until August of 2018. This means we have nearly nine months of “down time” after he graduates before he starts working in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. A few days after Aaron received this offer, we began tossing around ideas of what we could do/should do to fill our time before he starts working. While driving in the car one afternoon, he said, “What would you think if we moved to Peru??” I looked at him, stunned, and

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Good morning, my friends. I am laying across my bed, flat on my stomach, slurping my kid-carton of Apple Juice watching my training courses from Start a Mom Blog wondering, “How in the heck am I going to keep doing this?” By this, I mean blogging. It’s my dream but following our dreams is overwhelming, isn’t it? There’s so much learning to be done, patience to endure, mistakes to be made, and successes to celebrate. The first mistake I have made right off the bat is doubting myself. I’ve been believing that I’m not good enough and I have nothing interesting to say. But oh, Satan. Nice try, Bucko. He is so eerily fond of watching us doubt ourselves, especially in the following areas: abilities decisions hearing answers to our prayers intelligence talents choices parenting skills thoughts intentions worth etcetera however… if we doubt not God and His ability to help us, to make us equal to our tasks, we can believe in ourselves. Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call Aaron and cry about how lousy I felt, my ears were drawn to what my blogging course instructor had to say: “People don’t follow blogs, they follow people!”

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Last October, my hard working husband was offered a full-time accounting internship with KPMG in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. For small town Aggies in Logan, Utah, we both were SUPER STOKED to have new experiences in a bigger town with bigger (and better) work opportunities…Until he came home from the second day of his internship to tell me he’d be traveling for an entire month. Oh, and that he’d be leaving in just a couple of days. I admit that dread engulfed my entire body. I hoped Monday would never arrive. Of course we were excited for this opportunity he was given, to audit major companies and plunge into a career, but he was dreading the separation, too. We’ve been married for one year & one month with small weekend fishing trips and girl’s nights in-between but being apart is never a comfortable thing, and we hope it never is. I don’t think I made a big deal about him leaving, but I’ve cried during our Skype calls and our nightly prayers over the phone. And I promise you I’ve been calculating the milliseconds until he comes back. He’s been away for 2.5 weeks and I enjoy telling random people