It’ll Be Tough to Say Goodbye to You, 2017

Just this year, I launched my blog and spent many weeks traveling to Puerto Rico, New York, Portland, San Diego, St. George, and Michigan. I moved 3 times, welcomed 2 baby nieces, ran 3 half marathons, and watched my husband earn his Master’s degree. But every December I find myself wondering how the new year could possibly be any more exciting?! I thought that in 2015 when I got married, and again in 2016 when I graduated college. These accomplishments were hard to put behind me because I was scared of not knowing what was next. The one thing I do know about the future though is this: typically, our worst fears rarely come true. Most of us worry ourselves over things that are most likely never going to happen, and if they do, we learn how to survive them.

In 2009, I survived a life-threatening battle with Anorexia Nervosa.

In 2010, I survived being grounded from running my car into a mail box and asking a boy to the Sweethearts dance.

In 2011, I survived a knee injury that placed me out of my dance team’s Winter Showcase.

In 2012, I survived my first year of college (although, **DISCLAIMER** I did not survive my anatomy class. I changed majors because, well. I’m better at writing, not learning about human bodies).

In 2013, I survived submitting my mission papers, entering the MTC, and the miracles, struggles, and demands of missionary life.

In 2014, I survived working 2 jobs, depression, going to therapy once a week, and mean ex-boyfriend(s).

In 2015, I survived Bulimia Nervosa.

In 2016, I survived being a newly-wed wife and a senior in college.

In 2017, I survived being a full-time nanny to families with 4, 7, and even 9 kids.

In 2018, I will survive my husband’s first busy season with KPMG & his 3 week business trip. I will survive paying $975 rent + utilities every month. I will survive 7 weeks of over night nanny jobs, eating nothing but PB&J’s and Mac & Cheese, not sleeping in my own bed or even next to my own husband. I will survive serving in my church calling. I will survive…who knows what else.

I’m rarely ready to say “Hello!” to a brand new year with party poppers & pots and pans because I don’t want the risk of losing the memories of the last. We are never exactly sure what the next 12 months of the new year has for us, and even though we might be forced to survive some of the toughest mortal challenges, we accomplish as well. We become better people, we develop personal relationships with our Father in Heaven, we learn to forgive, to love, to serve, to be patient and kind. We welcome new milestones, we make more friends, we become smarter, wiser, healthier, and resilient.

As I close out this year, I am yet again grateful. I am grateful for loving parents, an understanding God, my hilarious husband and his ability to teach me about taxes and excel spreadsheets. I am grateful for the people that trust me to care for their kids, for my sisters- and brothers-in-law, for my nieces and nephews, running, my pink fuzzy slippers, and my favorite Netflix T.V. shows. As I close out this year being grateful, I know I will have even more on my gratitude list by this time next year.

Happy New Year (almost) and may it bring you love, laughter, and many blessings! Love always,

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