Face Plants and Prayer: Why It Takes all the Energy of our Hearts to be Converted

At a Women’s Conference I attended earlier this year, a speaker expressed this thought: “Prayer keeps us converted. It’s a commandment because He wants us to seek proximity to Him.”

We are constantly on the path to conversion and it takes all the energy of our hearts to become converted, to become like our Savior. Sometimes, though, life feels like a constant face plant. See, just like this, and they hurt.

We experience stresses of mortality (illness, arguments, death, financial problems, work difficulties, sleep deprivation, parenthood, media overload) that have the ability to numb our eternal vision. We judge others and hold grudges, we’re jealous, impatient, and experts in self-doubt. Each of these are referred to as our “weapons of rebellion” and it may begin to feel nearly impossible to become as He is.

A weapon of rebellion in my life recently has been demanding answers to the “if’s, why’s, how’s, and when’s” of mortal life. Aaron and I are anticipating some significant changes within the next few months (change is still the only constant in our lives and probably will be forever) and we have found ourselves overwhelmed with doubts that have only led to fear and arguments. What we have learned through this is: We desire a destiny of eternal life but we can’t do so without mortal experience.  For Him to direct our path, we must walk. We must act on faith and commit ourselves even without exact understanding. We must gather strength from the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and also from each other so we may always be on the path to conversion. President Uchtdorf stated his in Conference talk of April 2017, “Can we keep the commandments even in challenging circumstances? Of course we can!”

Prayer is a commandment. Don’t go out into the world without its protection. This gospel is about changing, loving, and being happy. I testify of His constant presence in our lives and as we live in the present while keeping our eye on eternity, we will always be converted unto Him. (Plus, the face plants won’t feel as hard.)


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