Grandma Rose’s Recipe for 50 Years of Good Life

I had the best birthday present of indulging in the small-town charm of Carson, Washington the past 5 days with my husband and my father. My 93-year-old Grandpa Ray, my dad’s dad, lives there and it’s where he raised his family on 7 acres of evergreen forest with the Columbia River Gorge nestled right behind it. Growing up, I loved our vacations there. We hiked, we swam in my aunt & uncle’s pool, we jet skied on the Gorge, and I got to know the Matta family a little more. But the truth is, I never got to know my grandmother.

My Grandma Rose passed away with cancer when I was four years old. I don’t remember her, but Grandpa Ray says my smile reminds him of hers. We spent several hours a day laughing with him, eating with him, listening to his polka music with him (he was quite the musician in his young years), and learning of his stories about he & Grandma Rose. They met at a dance hall, had a double wedding, traveled Europe together for 3 weeks, were devout Christian’s, and raised 4 sons.

My Sweet Grandma Rose
Grandma Rose & Grandpa Ray
Grandma Rose, her boys, & their motorbikes
My dad told Aaron and I stories of their weekend camping trips
Cheers to 40 Years!
Life in the 60s — it must have been GOOD!
My dad, Grandma Rose, and my Uncle Kevin
Grandpa Ray & the boys. Who knew my dad looked like THAT!? My mom did, once upon a time. 😉
Grandpa Ray, now 93-years-young.
These past 5 days meant the world to me

What I didn’t know about Grandma Rose, though, is her love for words, and her words were (are) very special. She was also a very good cook (says my dad), so it’s no surprise that this recipe fed her, and many other’s, soul.

For 50 Years Of Good Life

By Rose Matta

1 Cup of Good Thoughts

1 Cup of Kind Deeds

1 Cup of Considerations for Others

2 Cups of Sacrifice for Others

3 Cups of Forgiveness

2 Cups of Well Beaten Faults

Mix these together thoroughly, add tears of joy and sorrow, and sympathy for others. Fold in four cups of prayers and faith to lighten other ingredients, and raise the texture to great heights of Christian living. After pouring all this into your daily life, bake well with heat of human kindness. Serve each time with tender care and a smile.

We love you, Grandma Rose.

Love always,

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