Why I Quit My Day Job to be a Nanny

Today I’m going to share a huge portion of my life — being a nanny. To be honest, I’m totally shocked I haven’t once blogged about this before! When I am asked what I do by new people I meet, I avoid the question because sometimes I feel embarrassed that it’s not a “career” job which most college graduates attain, say…. a nurse, a teacher, a hairstylist, or even an author. It’s plain, old, just a nanny. But little did I know, this “job” would soon become one of the best decisions in my life and I’d fall in love with every part of it. Being a nanny is so much more than just turning on the TV and ignoring the kids. I have changed more diapers than most adults my age who don’t have children. I’ve dealt with level 10 tantrums, sibling wars, nonstop whining and tattle telling. I have cooked hundreds of meals and fed hungry stomachs. I have folded mountains of laundry. I have prepared bottles and snacks. I have played the role of “Taxi Mom” to soccer practice, baseball games, piano lessons, and late night’s at friend’s houses. I have helped with homework and school

“We are Daughters of our Heavenly Father”: A Testimony of The Young Women Theme

Hi friends, it’s been a while (like, a month & a half while)! I thought writing + my blog was on the top of my priority list, especially after quitting my day job but — HA! Yeah right. It’s not, but at least it’s still a once-in-a-while hobby. I think we need those, our own “once-in-a-while hobbies” to energize us and refocus us. Mine are running, getting a pedicure, writing in my journal (or, if I have a few hours, on my blog) and napping. We need these activities because life is full of surprises. Some are amazing, some are imperfect, but we find fulfillment from our crazy, chaotic lives in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For the past 13 days, and the following 15, I am living out my husband’s gigantic worn-out missionary suitcase moving house to house as I tend children of various families while the parents go out of town for mini getaways or work-related trips. I refer to myself as “The Travelling Nanny” because it’s who I am, really! It’s a fun gig where I’m able to meet so many cute little kids, drive them to and from school and soccer practice in a snazzy

Why LDS Women Must Proceed With Confidence in Their Choices

Did you guys love love love love General Conference like I did? Wow. My devotion to God and my love toward all of His children completely expanded! I can’t remember the name of the speaker, but he was a mission president in Washington. One of the missionaries under him came to him saying, “President, I just don’t like people!” Ha! I totally laughed out loud. Sometimes it’s hard to get along with people but I was taught throughout this conference that I need to more earnestly love others as God loves and take seriously His call to “be of good cheer.” There were several other thoughts I was able to apply to my personal spiritual development but one I feel I should mention is Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s talk from Sunday morning. He spoke of the divinity of the Holy Ghost and how we must act on the first prompting and be confident in it. We dismiss or question divine council if we avoid even the second or third prompting. He also said, “First promptings are from heaven to help someone in need, family and friends in particular.” I don’t know who, if anyone, might need to read what I’m about to

The Babysitters Club

here I am at the stove top making mac & cheese. Chicken nuggets are in the microwave for the other hungry three. My shirt is stained with baby drool, my hair? What a mess. Camryn loves playing dress-up & has now tried on her third princess dress. The toddler pooped his pants even after I took him to the potty. Can my day be over now? But the kids, really, they aren’t being naughty. The neighborhood is over making ruckus all through the house. Keeping track of all of them clearly is not the simplest – sometimes I feel it’d be easier with my spouse. “Underdoggie” is their favorite – we play for hours in the heat. Sand in their shoes and sweat on their sleeves, finally! we go inside. A glass of kool-aid, please? Nap time means reading stories. I love to cuddle them close. They come to me for comfort and I kiss away their tears. They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers! Austin practices his first grade math. I laugh when I help him, still using my fingers to see what number comes next. My “office” is a room full of brightly