A Lesson Learned from the Candy Cupboard

My mom keeps an entire cupboard in her kitchen stashed with the tastiest treats and candies. I love that about her. My friends growing up loved it, as did the young men who stopped over on fast Sundays to collect our offerings, and now my husband reaps the benefits because I’ve adapted the same quirk. Inside her candy cupboard you’ll find happy childhood memories, tons of blissful smiles, and a teenage girl who used chocolate to cope with high school boy problems. As you’ve previously read (most likely), the hubs is currently on a month long business trip so lucky me I’m able to unwind from a busy day of writing and caring for children with my Kindle and a big box of Milk Duds. But the other day I had a day-date with Target and of course I purchased the Valentine’s edition of Dove’s milk chocolate. Those elegant foil wrappers totally give us something to talk about.

I think the people at Dove think they’re really cute. I mean, they provide silly sayings on decorative foil but sometimes they’re actually deep and meaningful. You may agree or think they are flat out dorky, and that’s okay, but I’ve always been the type of person to ponder and analyze the written word. This first one is my favorite:

“Promise to stop and smell the chocolate.”

This one is necessary, really. Dove clearly knows that I have a pile of chocolates on my night table while I read and I’m unwrapping them, shoveling them into my mouth much too quickly, and somehow they felt the need to remind their ravenous consumer to slow down once in a while and enjoy. Like, how applicable to life, right? When we’re in the check-out line at the grocery store, stop and smell the chocolate (literally — they don’t display Mars candy bars for no reason). Even better, start up a conversation with the stranger standing behind you or make your monthly home & visiting teaching appointments with the people the Lord needs you to love. These individuals could very likely use a little sweetness in their life, and I’m not talking about the sweetness of chocolate. I’m talking about the sweetness of human nature. I don’t think we utilize such a God-given quality as much as we are meant to.


El numero dos (that’s Spanish, right?):

“Remember your first crush.”

This one doesn’t hold much importance but it’s hilarious. I laughed out loud when I opened this who-knows-what-number-of-chocolate because I couldn’t remember my first crush! Uh, how heartbreaking! Honestly, how often do we think about our first crushes or what it was like? Hardly ever, or is that just me? It took a lot of digging into the deep parts of my forgetful brain until I suddenly remembered. In second grade, we were drawing hot air balloons and I noticed the boy next to me was just THE BEST drawer. Oh, he was magnificent and so was his hot air balloon (or so I thought in my seven-year-old mind). His name was Stacy Maurer (I’m embarrassed to be admitting this because no one knows this secret and almost everyone from my middle & high school knew who “Stacy Maurer” was). He was cutest, nicest, and funniest boy in Mrs. Richardson’s class and I had a crush on him. I thought it was the best thing ever to have similar last names because we were always side-by-side in the Crescent View Middle School year book. I even drew a big heart around our pictures. Again, so embarrassing but every girl does that, I am sure of it. I dated a few boys in high school but Mr. Maurer sure was a long term crush! (Sorry, Aaron. Kindly ignore this segment.)

And last the best of all the game:

“Try something new today.”

Simple as it sounds, it’s perfect. Often we fall into the trap of spending our nights/our weekends the same way. It’s shocking, really, how quick we are to do so. I consider myself a spontaneous person but it’s much easier to continue the habit of staying up too late on the internet watching those addicting how-to “Tasty” videos that overwhelm my Facebook feed rather than playing Farkle (it’s my favorite game. You’ve got to check it out), learning a new language, or even writing in my journal. I get bored doing/seeing/being the same things day after day — I think most of us do — but with spontaneity comes bravery; we need bravery to step away from our comfort zone and truly try something new. I’m not saying go jump out of an airplane or try your hand at a flying trapeze to have a new experience (though I don’t discourage it!) but I’m talking about learning something new you’ve always wanted to try. Switching things up can help to keep you inspired and motivated. Trying something new that shakes up your routine can give you a fresh perspective and get you excited about the possibilities. Take your exercise routine, for example. When was the last time you got off the sedentary bike and hit the pavement? I’m a crazed cardio girl so it’s intimidating to even think about entering the weight room but I tried it and now I can’t stop! Someone hurry over with some tape ’cause I’m getting RIPPED! (Ha…I think I’m so funny.)

So far this year I have tried a few new things, this blog being a big one of them, but I love having my Dove chocolate wrapper on my bathroom mirror to remind me to keep trying. One morning,  I stood at the sink brushing my teeth with that fancy, elegant foil shining in my face. “Alright,” I said out loud. “Let’s give this a shot.” I grabbed my cell phone and sent a text to one of my dear friends, a cosmetologist. “Hey! I want to dye my hair red!” Within the next few days, I had this on my head:

red hair

Aaaaand the secret’s out. My celebrity crush (besides Carrie Underwood, she’s definitely #1) is Britney Snow. More specifically, Chloe from Pitch Perfect. Uh. She’s flawless and I love her.

The next few things I am going to learn that I’ve always wanted to try:

  1. Sewing
  2. The Piano
  3. Gardening
  4. Make homemade bread (I’ve tried before but failed miserably so it’s time to try again)
  5.  Family History. Seriously, this stuff intimidates me.
  6. Make a scrapbook (I am SO not crafty) of my college years, my mission, and my marriage with Aaron…aww

Or you could totally take Dove’s advice the way these people have. I’m in love with their humor. My challenge to you, along with Dove, is to stop and smell the chocolate, try something new, and for Pete’s sake remember your first crush! Doing so will force ourselves to grow and open up a flood of courage. We’ll be carried on its waves to unexpected destinations.

Happy learning, lovelies.




PS: be assured that my Valentine’s Day Dove chocolates are secured in my candy cupboard for the next time I crave a late night love-yourself lesson

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