We Have Big News! (No, not baby news. I’m sorry, mom)

Aaron gave me a mother’s day card last Sunday (I’m not a mother yet — he’s just super thoughtful) but the greeting AND his own written message was entirely in Spanish! You’re probably wondering why he did that. It’s partly because he thinks he’s funny but let’s just say he’s taking all the opportunities he can to teach me how to speak, read, and understand Spanish because….


Yes, yes. It’s true. It’s okay to still be in shock because I am too.



If you’re interested to know how this happened, here’s the low down. Aaron was offered a full-time job with KPMG after he graduates with his Master’s degree this December of 2017. BUT, his start date isn’t until August of 2018. This means we have nearly nine months of “down time” after he graduates before he starts working in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. A few days after Aaron received this offer, we began tossing around ideas of what we could do/should do to fill our time before he starts working. While driving in the car one afternoon, he said, “What would you think if we moved to Peru??” I looked at him, stunned, and bounced off of my seat. “Are you kidding me?! Yeah! Let’s do it!” He found The Small Enterprise Education and Development Program (SEED) through Utah State University where he applied to teach entrepreneurial principals and basic business skills to individuals in Peru to help them break the poverty cycle, become self-reliant, and improve their standard of living.

What’s funny about this, though, is the fact that Aaron’s application was three days past the deadline yet they still accepted it. Plus, the day they held interviews we were out of town!!! Yet they still allowed him to schedule an interview separate from the rest of the candidates. Like WHAT?! How does that even happen?! Aaron’s friends tell me he’s always been lucky which I’m starting to believe, but I also think this is something we’re strongly meant to do with our time. I mean, I can’t imagine a more humbling experience than to engage with the global community and be a small part of making a sustainable difference in the world. We are extremely excited for this opportunity but I should also mention I am slightly freaking out about the food I’ll have to eat, so I’ll gladly accept donations of peanut butter and/or Chex mix. 😛 k thanks love you bye!




FYI: We move abroad the second week of January 2018 and are scheduled to fly back around April or May. I can’t wait to blog about our adventures! xoxo


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