3 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Lovely Lips with Malorie GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello beautiful girls! I guarantee that by now you have heard of SeneGence and LipSense. If not, I’m here to teach you about it. It has improved the way I look, feel, and the way I kiss! These are the exact three reasons you should enter the Lovely Lips with Malorie Giveaway. LipSense is the real deal, ladies, and it took me forever to get the guts to try it but now that I have, I want you to try it, too!

#1. Change the Way You Look THE SHEA BUTTER GLOSS. OHMYGOSH. It’s my favorite thing. Throughout the last 4.5 years or so, my lips have been so dry, so flaky, so crusty, so red. I have the cold Chicago wind from my mission to thank for that (not). I tried all of the tips & tricks to get them healthy again — trust me. The coconut oil and sugar with the toothbrush, warm honey, insane amounts of water, vitamins, milk cream, the Mary Kay lip mask, you name it. Most of these things made my lips worse. They would bleed and peel and I would pick at the skin because I was annoyed with their constantly chapped look. I was becoming desperate. I had heard how LipSense contains a cosmetic grade of alcohol that is designed to slough off dead skin on our lips and exfoliate so I was willing to pay to try it. (Well, my husband was because it’s the only thing I wrote on my Christmas list and Santa totally delivered!) Within 4 days of using the product…FOUR DAYS…after years of misery… my lips were smoother than a babies bum! I was shocked and I’ve never used any other lip product since. At first the alcohol stings your lips (at least it did mine) but that’s because it was doing its job! LipSense was exfoliating all that dead, dry skin to create a smooth surface and it certainly has. The sting quickly fades after applying, though, and once your lips are completely exfoliated (after a few days/weeks of use) the stinging sensation stops. My distributor, Malorie, advised me to “GLOSS, GLOSS, GLOSS!” because that would help my lips heal. I guzzled up the entire tube in less than a month because it was so good. My skin soaked it in and my lips are a total day vs. night difference from using the Shea Butter gloss (also known as “glossy gloss”).

BEFORE LIPSENSE  (gross, right?)

#2. The Way You Feel Basically this is a toss up with looks. When you look good, you feel good, right? For so long I was extremely uncomfortable even speaking face to face with people because my lips were a disgusting distraction (that’s exactly what I thought). I would constantly tuck my lips under but the moisture from my mouth eventually made my lips peel more and look worse. But now, with this liquid gold, because that’s what it is, I can apply absolutely ANY COLOR I WANT and totally rock it. I have more confidence with healthier lips and confidence is key for all women.

#3. How You Kiss My husband appreciates the fact that I will smooch him on the cheek and guess what?! SMUDGE FREE. It’s never smothered all over his face like my previous lip products. Plus, it lasts up to 18+ hours! YES THIS IS REAL and I will prove it to you. Our anniversary is December 29th so the morning of, I applied my Mauve Ice LipSense and headed to downtown Salt Lake City to celebrate with my sweetheart. We attended the LDS temple, cheered and clapped and danced and yelled at a Jazz game, then ate a delectable dinner at The Spaghetti Factory. After all that, and you know, the “other” anniversary activities (ooooh la la!), I woke up the very next morning with my LipSense STILL ON MY LIPS! I was in as much disbelief as you are but it totally happens. How this happens I really have no idea; something about it molecularly bonding to our lips? I’m just grateful scientists are smart and can figure this out for the common good of women. Bless you, scientists.

If you’re not convinced yet that this stuff is pure magic, I’ve partnered up with Malorie Heder, my personal LipSense distributor, to offer you A FREE LIPSENSE COLOR! A $25 value could be yours for free! Just follow these simple steps:
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2) Follow Malorie’s Lipsense group page: “Lovely Lips with Malorie”

3) Comment what color you’d like to try (yes, it’s true. She is offering to provide you with the color of your choice!!)

4) Stay tuned for the winner to be announced!

Malorie & I both love LipSense and we know you will, too. Good luck!

{PS: Malorie is awesome. She will ship your color directly to your door with a darling business card giving you step-by-step instructions of how to apply, remove, and use the product. She is always willing to answer questions, concerns, and even chit-chat about the Bachelor! You will love her!}

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