Meet Marlee: 15 Little Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Good morning, my friends. I am laying across my bed, flat on my stomach, slurping my kid-carton of Apple Juice watching my training courses from Start a Mom Blog wondering, “How in the heck am I going to keep doing this?” By this, I mean blogging. It’s my dream but following our dreams is overwhelming, isn’t it? There’s so much learning to be done, patience to endure, mistakes to be made, and successes to celebrate. The first mistake I have made right off the bat is doubting myself. I’ve been believing that I’m not good enough and I have nothing interesting to say. But oh, Satan. Nice try, Bucko. He is so eerily fond of watching us doubt ourselves, especially in the following areas:

  • abilities
  • decisions
  • hearing answers to our prayers
  • intelligence
  • talents
  • choices
  • parenting skills
  • thoughts
  • intentions
  • worth
  • etcetera

however… if we doubt not God and His ability to help us, to make us equal to our tasks, we can believe in ourselves. Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call Aaron and cry about how lousy I felt, my ears were drawn to what my blogging course instructor had to say: “People don’t follow blogs, they follow people!” Ah-ha. I learned in that moment that being myself is good enough. If I am my full, true, honest self (this goes for all of us), as I write about my testimony, my love for God, my admiration for Dory the forgetful little fish, and what I learn from my life’s everyday moments (like the one I just had), I will not have reason to doubt.

Anyway, I suppose you can’t follow me unless you know me so allow me to provide you with an honest introduction with 15 Little Facts!

  1. My parents almost named me Virginia (“Ginnie” for short).
  2. I can’t see very well and I’ve always worn prescribed glasses. When I was little, I refused to wear them unless they were referred to as my “pretties.” Example: “Marlee, please put on your pretties!”
  3.  I’ve never broken a bone. Dislocated, yes, but never broken. My calcium intake must be stupendous.
  4.  I love the smell of gasoline at a gas station.
  5. When I was a freshman in college, I was walking alone from campus to my dorm room and had to pee SO BAD (I pee a lot, and this was mid-day, mind you). Halfway home I knew there was no way I would make it. I ran into the Logan City Cemetery, hid behind a tree, and pulled down my pants. I’m mortified every time I think about it. I apologize, deceased persons. I didn’t mean any disrespect. I think I actually cried after I peed because I felt so bad (I also cry a lot. Huh, Aaron?)
  6. I always have my journal with me. It’s carried everywhere.
  7.  I’m terrified of dying: of when, of where it might happen. With that said, I love living because we know we are doing God’s work here on earth.
  8. Cats have always irked me… until Aaron and I cared for a stray one and now I want five of them. (Okay, that’s obsessive. One will totally suffice).
  9. I wear sports bras far more than regular bras.
  10. Nutella is disgusting. Have you ever tried Biscoff?? SO MUCH BETTER, I’m telling ya.
  11. Aaron and I first kissed in his parent’s basement. About 2 months later, he told me he loved me in my parent’s basement. (The “I Love You” story is hilarious. I’ll share that with you later.)
  12. I’m picky about my toothbrushes and I brush at least 4 times a day. Nothing feels better than fresh, clean teeth.
  13. A hot air balloon ride was my first blind date!
  14. I love protein shakes but can’t justify paying for them.
  15. Ironing is one of my favorite household chores, even though I’m still pretty bad at it.

What fact from the list above surprised you the most?

Let me know in the comments below! And if you have a list of fun facts that I may not know about you, feel free to share. I would love, love, love to read your answers!


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